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It’s a sad small world

One of Corrine’s most famous photos.

An old friend of mine, who was also my best man for my wedding, was once very much in love with a girl whom he met whilst working for an air-courier firm over at Heathrow.  Her name was Corrine Day and they became very close.  Corrine joined a model agency and became an international fashion model, my friend went into sales at which time I met him and he later set up his own business that I joined.  With Corrine’s career their relationship drifted and I later learned that she became a photographer. Her brother joined our company for a short time and he boasted that she had ‘discovered’ Kate Moss, which at the time I took with a large pinch of salt.  In 1999 I had a big falling out with my friend and I left his business and I have not been in contact with him since.

It is only today, in my research as a student photographer on a degree course have I learned all about Corrine Day, whom I never actually got to meet, although I got to know her brother through my friend and boss.  I have just today learned that, yes, she was instrumental in Kate Moses’ discovery and helped launch her career and that Corrine had a successful career herself but sadly passed away in 2010.  I know my friend always kept in touch and I hope that he was able to see her one more time before she died, I know he never quite got over his relationship with her and they always remained good friends; I know he would have felt her loss deeply.