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Art Photography Now

Art Photography Now

I have just finished reading Art Photography Now by Susan Bright.  Book cover image by Viviane Sassen.  Published by Thames & Hudson.

This book illustrates and discusses the work of the currently generation of established Artists in photography.  Bright has divided her book in to different photographic genres: Portrait, Landscape, Narrative, Object, Fashion, Documentary, City.  With examples of work from Artists who are particularly known for a specific genre for example: Martin Parr – Documentary, Corrine Day – Fashion, Gillian Wearing – Portraiture.

An interesting read and a book to keep on the shelf for reference.  Some styles I had not seen before which I liked for example: Katy Grannan – Portrait; Rochard Misrach Andreas Gursky Dan Holdsworth and Doug Aitken – Landscape; Hannah Starkey, Bill Hensen and Jeff Wall – Narrative; Camille Vivier, Jonathan Villiers – Fashion; Erwin Wurm, Allan Sekula – Document; Naoya Hatakeyama, Richard Wentworth, Paul Graham, Philip-Lorca Dicorcia, Rut Blees Luxemburg.

I like Vivian Sassen’s portraiture style, I like her photo used for the book cover, this photo has the added punctum of the golden hand.

Tierney Gearon

Photo by Tierney Gearon. This linked image is available to view online: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0041/9522/files/TIERNEY_GEARON_5.jpg?9982

Tierney Gearon has used her family as subjects for her art.  I particularly like the multi-image montages that she has created.  Her career path is similar to Corinne Day in so much as she began as a fashion model and moved in to photography.

Photo by Tierney Gearon. This linked image is available to view online: http://cubeme.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/exposure-exhibition-photographs-tierney-gearon11.jpg

Photo by Tierney Gearon. This linked image is available to view online: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/65/5b/cd/655bcde8fe23c91a2b436a43323b8eab.jpg

It’s a sad small world

One of Corrine’s most famous photos.

An old friend of mine, who was also my best man for my wedding, was once very much in love with a girl whom he met whilst working for an air-courier firm over at Heathrow.  Her name was Corrine Day and they became very close.  Corrine joined a model agency and became an international fashion model, my friend went into sales at which time I met him and he later set up his own business that I joined.  With Corrine’s career their relationship drifted and I later learned that she became a photographer. Her brother joined our company for a short time and he boasted that she had ‘discovered’ Kate Moss, which at the time I took with a large pinch of salt.  In 1999 I had a big falling out with my friend and I left his business and I have not been in contact with him since.

It is only today, in my research as a student photographer on a degree course have I learned all about Corrine Day, whom I never actually got to meet, although I got to know her brother through my friend and boss.  I have just today learned that, yes, she was instrumental in Kate Moses’ discovery and helped launch her career and that Corrine had a successful career herself but sadly passed away in 2010.  I know my friend always kept in touch and I hope that he was able to see her one more time before she died, I know he never quite got over his relationship with her and they always remained good friends; I know he would have felt her loss deeply.